How much delivery cost?

If we transport with our transport: 0.4€ for 1 km., distance calculate to both sides.

Where I can pick up my order?

Your order can be picked up for free at our Šiauliai warehouse (Televizorių street 12) or in Vilniaus warehouse (Verkių street 35).

Can I return my order?

If you bought returned goods, it can’t be returned by Lithuanian laws. If you bought new goods, it can be returned.

What quality is returned goods?

Can be damaged package on delivery, not full set, something broken and etc. If in the same description is not specified otherwise.

How to reserve the items I want to buy?

You can do it by phone, email or at our e-shop at the checkout procees it will be done automaticaly.

Prices without VAT?

It is wholesale e-shop, because of that many prices can be without VAT (if otherwise do not stated in description).