Privacy Policy

General provisions

  1. The data controller of your personal data is UAB AUKCIONAS 123, its branches and representatives, as well as other legal entities that AUKCIONAS123 engages to sell goods and provide services and who are authorized to act on behalf of AUKCIONAS123. Contact details of AUKCIONAS123 are published on the websites,,, and
  2. The collected personal data is processed in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania Law on Personal Data Protection, the General Data Protection Regulation, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Electronic Communications, and other legal acts. All AUKCIONAS123 employees, representatives, and representatives’ employees who become aware of personal data must keep it confidential even after the termination of their employment or contractual relationship.
  3. For the processing of personal data, AUKCIONAS123 may engage data processors and (or) hire other individuals at its discretion to perform certain functions on behalf of AUKCIONAS123. In such cases, AUKCIONAS123 takes necessary measures to ensure that such data processors process personal data in accordance with AUKCIONAS123’s instructions and applicable laws and requires the implementation of appropriate personal data security measures. AUKCIONAS123 will also ensure that these individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations and cannot use such information for any other purposes except to perform the functions assigned to them.
  4. This Privacy Policy is an appendix to the General Terms of Use, which comes into effect together with the General Terms of Use when you agree to these conditions. This Privacy Policy sets out the basic rules for the collection, storage, processing, and retention of your personal data and other related information, the scope of processed personal data, purposes, sources, recipients, and other important aspects when using AUKCIONAS123 services. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully analyze the provisions of this Privacy Policy before starting to use AUKCIONAS123 services.
  5. AUKCIONAS123 respects the right to privacy of individuals and makes all reasonably possible efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of processed personal data and other information.
  6. You can visit these websites without providing any information about yourself, but if you want to register in AUKCIONAS123 systems and (or) use other electronic services offered, AUKCIONAS123 will ask you to provide the personal data specified in the system.
  7. By visiting the websites,,, and (hereinafter – these websites) and (or) using the information and (or) services provided on them, you acknowledge and confirm that you have read this Privacy Policy, understood it, and agree to it. AUKCIONAS123 reserves the right to change these Privacy Policy provisions at its discretion, therefore, when visiting these websites, you have an obligation to ensure each time that you are familiar with the latest version of the Privacy Policy applicable at the time of your visit.


Data processing purposes

  1. AUKCIONAS123 collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes:

8.1. Provision of electronic services and ordering of goods, conclusion and execution of contracts, customer and accounting of payments;

8.2. Debt management, debt collection;

8.3. Maintenance and administration of customer relationships, prevention of disputes and collection of evidence (recording of telephone conversations), business correspondence with customers;

8.4. Protection and defense of AUKCIONAS123 and customer interests and assets (video surveillance in AUKCIONAS123 premises). Before entering AUKCIONAS123 premises where video surveillance is carried out, you are informed by special signs about video surveillance.;

8.5. Informing the customer about services and goods. Personal data for this purpose is processed to inform the customer about the services provided by AUKCIONAS123 and the goods sold, their prices, specifications, changes in contracts concluded with the customer, sending of system and other messages related to the services and goods provided by AUKCIONAS123. The data subject confirms that he understands that such informational messages are necessary for providing services and selling goods, and they are not considered direct marketing messages;

8.6. Direct marketing, to provide the customer with offers of services provided by AUKCIONAS123 and goods sold;

8.7. Other purposes for which AUKCIONAS123 has the right to process your personal data when you express your consent, when data needs to be processed for AUKCIONAS123’s legitimate interest, or when processing data is required by relevant laws.

  1. All personal data collected for the purposes specified, except for name, surname, personal code, date of birth, and exact address of residence, may be processed for statistical analysis purposes. For this purpose, personal data is processed in such a way that including them in the scope of statistical analysis would not allow the identification of the identity of specific data subjects. The collection of your personal data for statistical analysis purposes is based on legitimate interests to analyze, improve, and develop the activities carried out. I am informed that I have the right to disagree and refuse the processing of my personal data for such purposes at any time and in any form, by informing about disagreement or refusal to AUKCIONAS123 by email However, AUKCIONAS123 may continue to process data for statistical purposes if it proves that the data is processed for convincing legitimate reasons that are higher than the interests, rights, and freedoms of the data subject, or to assert, exercise, or defend legal claims.
  2. In all the above-mentioned cases, AUKCIONAS123 processes personal and/or traffic data only to the extent necessary to achieve the respective clearly defined and legitimate purposes, taking into account the protection of the data subject’s privacy. AUKCIONAS123 ensures that personal data is processed accurately, fairly, and lawfully, strictly adhering to the clear and transparent requirements for the processing of personal data set out in the legislation.


Scope of Data Processing

  1. The following personal data may be processed for all specified purposes:

11.1 name, surname, personal code, address, email address, phone number, payment account number, occupation.

11.2 data related to the provision of goods and/or services, such as service and its order details, invoice issuance, payment details, information about consent and refusal regarding the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes and providing to third parties, contact details, and related records;

11.3 data generated using our services or products, e.g., contact details.

11.4 data collected using cookies and similar technologies related to browsing on these websites, etc.;

11.5 records of phone calls when you call AUKCIONAS123 or respond to calls from AUKCIONAS123 employees;

11.6 video data in premises managed by AUKCIONAS123.


Data Providers

  1. Data providers:

12.1. the data subject directly;

12.2. other sources: other service providers, publicly available registers, companies managing joint debtor data files (e.g., UAB “Creditinfo Lietuva”);

12.3. data generated when you use AUKCIONAS123 services or products, contact AUKCIONAS123 in writing, by phone, email, visit these websites, as provided for by applicable laws.


Data Recipients

  1. Data recipients:

13.1. intermediaries of AUKCIONAS123 services or products (if services or products are provided using their services), only to the extent necessary to provide the service or product;

13.2. debt management and recovery companies, lawyers, companies managing joint debtor data files. Data of debtors who have not fulfilled their obligations in a timely and proper manner are provided, after the data subject has been sent a written reminder about the non-fulfillment of obligations and the proper implementation of data protection requirements set out in the legislation;

13.3. courts or state institutions upon their request, only to the extent necessary to properly enforce applicable laws or a court decision;

13.4. other parties under contract with AUKCIONAS123, only if you have given separate consent for it.

  1. Data may be transferred to third countries when the provision of your electronic communication services is related to services provided in third countries or when a third-party partner (correspondent) is used to provide services.
  2. Data for direct marketing purposes may be transferred to search or social network systems (the option to refuse data processing is ensured on the websites of these systems). Data is not provided to other individuals.



  1. For the purpose of direct marketing and statistical analysis, profiling may be carried out using Google, Facebook, or other analytics tools.

Data processing terms


  1. We store your personal data no longer than necessary for the purposes of data processing or as required by laws, if longer data retention is specified in them. We aim not to store outdated or unnecessary information and ensure that personal data and other information about clients are constantly updated and accurate.

Processing of minors’ personal data

  1. A minor up to 14 years of age, in order to use the services or goods of AUCTION123, must provide written consent from their representative (parent, guardian) regarding the processing of their personal data.

Cookie policy

  1. AUCTION123 may use cookies on these websites. Cookies are small files sent to the browser of the person’s internet network and stored on the client’s device. Cookies are transferred to the person’s computer when first visiting this website. Later, cookies are used for identification on the person’s device, they are intended to improve the website’s functionality and usage, as well as for analysis purposes, facilitating the person’s access to this website or the information contained therein.
  2. AUCTION123 monitors the traffic of these websites and collects information about how many visitors visited them, what is the name of the visitors’ internet service provider’s server domain, etc. This information is collected automatically during the visit to the website. It helps the website manager understand how visitors use the websites and provides the opportunity to improve the services provided by AUCTION123.
  3. A message about the use of cookies is provided to the visitor on these websites. By clicking the “I AGREE” button in the notification line, you confirm that you agree and allow the website manager to place cookies on your end device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Also, by continuing to browse this website and not changing the existing settings, you agree to the use of cookies.
  4. Most web browsers accept cookies, however, if you do not agree to cookies being placed on your computer or other end device, you can change your internet browser settings and disable all cookies or enable/disable them one by one. However, please note that in some cases this may slow down internet browsing speed, limit the functioning of certain website features, or block access to the website.
  5. Links to third-party websites, products, and services, as well as social network extensions, may be provided on these websites. Third-party services or applications are subject to the privacy policy of the respective third party. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy protection practices of such third parties.

Your rights

  1. You have the following rights:

24.1. The right to know (be informed) about the processing of your personal data.

24.2. The right to access data: to receive information about whether AUCTION123 processes your personal data, and if so, to access your personal data processed by AUCTION123 and to receive information about the sources from which and what personal data of yours are collected, for what purpose they are processed and to whom they are provided or may be provided; to receive a copy of your personal data from AUCTION123 in accordance with applicable laws. Upon receiving your request in writing, AUCTION123 will provide the requested data in writing within the time frame specified by law or indicate the reasons for refusing to satisfy such a request. Data may be provided free of charge once a year, but in other cases, a fee may be charged, not exceeding the cost of providing the data.

24.3. The right to request rectification of data: if your data processed by AUCTION123 is incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate, you can contact AUCTION123 in writing and request to correct incorrect, inaccurate personal data or supplement incomplete personal data by submitting a request.

24.4. The right to request the destruction of unlawfully or unfairly collected personal data or to stop the processing of such personal data, except for storage. AUCTION123 must immediately and free of charge verify the legality of the processing of personal data and, if necessary, destroy the data. Upon the data subject’s request to stop the processing of personal data, the personal data must be kept until they are corrected or destroyed.

24.5. Right to be forgotten: to request the termination of data processing (deletion of data) in cases where personal data is processed with the consent of the individual and the individual withdraws this consent, or when personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was obtained, or when personal data has been processed unlawfully, or when personal data must be deleted in compliance with a legal obligation. You must submit a written notification of objection regarding the processing of personal data to AUKCIONAS123 personally, by mail, or by electronic means of communication. If your objection is legally justified, AUKCIONAS123, after examining the request, will terminate the processing of personal data, except in cases provided for by law.

24.6. Right to restrict data processing: to demand the restriction of data processing when the data subject disputes the accuracy of the data for a period during which the data controller can verify the accuracy of the personal data; when the processing of personal data is unlawful and the data subject does not consent to the deletion of the data, but instead requests the restriction of their use; when the data controller no longer needs the personal data for processing purposes, but the data subject needs them to assert, exercise, or defend legal claims. The data controller informs the data subject, whose data processing has been restricted, before lifting the restriction on data processing.

24.7. Right to data portability.

24.8. Right to object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes, as well as the right to withdraw consent at any time without stating the reasons for objection.

  1. It should be noted that the listed rights may be restricted or unenforceable:

25.1. When necessary to ensure state security or defense;

25.2. When necessary to ensure public order, prevention, investigation, detection, or prosecution of criminal offenses;

25.3. When necessary to protect important state economic or financial interests;

25.4. When necessary to prevent, investigate, and determine violations of official or professional ethics;

25.5. When necessary to protect the rights and freedoms of the data subject or other individuals.

  1. To exercise your rights, you can contact AUKCIONAS123 by submitting a request by mail, fax (using the contacts provided on these websites), or email The request must clearly state the person’s name and surname, provide a document confirming their identity, or request to sign the request with an electronic signature.


Use of Logos

  1. The client who uses AUKCIONAS123 services or products for the satisfaction of business and professional interests agrees that their name and/or logo may be used by AUKCIONAS123 for direct marketing purposes (for example: AUKCIONAS123 indicating that the client uses services or products provided by AUKCIONAS123).


Ensuring Information Security

  1. The goal of AUKCIONAS123 is to ensure the highest possible level of security for all information obtained from the client and from public data sources. In order to protect this information from unauthorized access, use, copying, accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, or disclosure, as well as any other unauthorized processing, AUKCIONAS123 uses appropriate legal, administrative, technical, and physical security measures.


Final Provisions

29. These Privacy Policy provisions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disputes arising from these Privacy Policy provisions shall be resolved through negotiations, and in the event of failure, in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania